Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase

Livestream Steel Guitar Saturday - November 28, 2020

The Livestream Steel Guitar Saturday on November 28, 2020, featured live performances by Dr. Isaac Akuna and Alan Akaka with prerecorded performances by Ke Kula Mele NextGen steel guitarists.

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  • Livestream engineer Scotty Wong at his office. Photo by Alan Akaka.
  • Alan's welcome is monitored by Video Engineer Scotty Wong and Sound Engineer Anthony Narito. Photo by Alan Akaka.
  • Monitoring the livestream broadcast video. Photo by Alan Akaka.
  • Another view of the livestream operations center. Photo by Scotty Wong.
  • Sound Engineer Anthony Narito monitors the broadcast sound quality. Photo by Scotty Wong.
  • Alan Akaka welcoming the livestream audience.
  • Alan conducted the featured player interview with Dr. Isaac Akuna.
  • Isaac Akuna.
  • Alan Akaka.
  • Live performance by Isaac Akuna, accompanied by Adam Asing on bass and vocals and Kaipo Asing on guitar and vocals.
  • Adam, Isaac, and Kaipo.
  • Dr. Isaac Akuna.
  • NextGen steel guitar performance by Mandy Gokan, one of two new NextGen members.
  • Steel guitar performance by Justin Firmeza, another new addition to the NextGen fraternity.
  • NextGen steel guitar performance by Pono Fernandez.
  • NextGen steel guitar performance by Ethan Goore.
  • NextGen steel guitar performance by Joey Misailidis.
  • Live performance by Alan Akaka.
  • A historic photograph of the ''Byrd's Nest'' of Jerry Byrd steel guitar students. From left: Casey Olsen, Alan Akaka, Jerry Byrd, Greg Sardinha, and Isaac Akuna.
  • Alan Akaka and The Islanders.
  • Adam, Alan, and Kaipo. Photo by Alan Akaka.
  • Adam Asing on NS Design Electric bass.
  • Alan Akaka on the steel guitar.
  • Alan Akaka giving closing remarks.

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Photos from video captures of the livestream presentation unless otherwise noted. All photos ©2020 by HIMELE.

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