Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase

Livestream Steel Guitar Saturday - November 20, 2021 #1

The Livestream Steel Guitar Saturday on November 20, 2021 was broadcast live from the Old Wailuku Inn in Wailuki, Maui, and featured live performances by Maui steel guitarists Joel Katz, Ross Ka‘a‘a, and Geronimo "Geri" Valdriz. Also appearing via video was Ka‘iwa Ho, steel guitar student of Ross Ka‘a‘a. Maui celebrity Kathy Collins and Alan Akaka were cohosts of the showcase.

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  • Showcase hosts Kathy Collins and Alan Akaka.
  • Kathy and Alan at the entrance of the Old Wailuku Inn.
  • Hosts Kathy and Alan.
  • Kathy Collins interviewing steel guitarist Joel Katz.
  • Marcus Johnson provided upright bass backup for Joel Katz.
  • Steel guitarist Joel Katz with Alan Akaka on backup guitar.
  • Marcus Johnson, Joel Katz, and Alan Akaka.
  • Maui steel guitarist Joel Katz.
  • Joel and Alan.
  • Marcus Johnson and Joel Katz.
  • Joel Katz with Marcus Johnson and Alan Akaka.
  • Joel Katz.
  • Kathy and Alan exchange comments.
  • Kaʻiwa Ho, Maui steel guitar student of Ross Kaʻaʻa.Due to a previous football commitment, Kaʻiwa appeared on prerecorded video.
  • Steel guitarist Ross Kaʻaʻa with backup musicians Ikaika Blackburn and Wailau Ryder.
  • Maui steel guitarist Ross Kaʻaʻa.
  • Ikaika Blackburn, Ross Kaʻaʻa, and Wailau Ryder.
  • Ikaika Blackburn on upright bass.
  • Ikaika, Ross, Wailau, and Alan.
  • Ikaika Blackburn also shared his vocal talents while Ross provided steel guitar backup.
  • Wailau Ryder also shared his vocal talents.
  • Kathy Collins interviewing Old Wailuku Inn owner and manager Tom Fairbanks.
  • Maui steel guitarist Geri Valdriz with Don Mitsuyuki, Kawaika Kamai, and Verdine Kong.
  • Kawika Kamai and Geri Valdriz.
  • Steel guitarist Geronimo ʻʻGeriʻʻ Valdriz.
  • Kawika Kamai, Geri Valdriz, and Verdine Kong.
  • Geri Valdriz and the Kīkā Kila band.
  • Don Mitsuyuki, Kawika Kamai, and Geri Valdriz.
  • Verdine Kong also shared her vocal talents.
  • Don, Kawika, and Geri.
  • Don and Kawika.
  • Don Mitsuyuki.

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