Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase

Livestream Steel Guitar Saturday - October 30, 2021

The Livestream Steel Guitar Saturday on October 30, 2021 was broadcast live from Kaua‘i and featured live performances by Kaua‘i steel guitarists Kilipaki Vaughan and Ed Punua. Also appearing were Heu‘i Bandmann's keiki steel guitar students.

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  • Emcee Alan Akaka kicks off the Showcase with Kilipaki Vaughan and backup musicians Norman Solomon and Pancho Graham.
  • Alan Akaka.
  • Featured steel guitarist Kilipaki Vaughan with Norman Solomon and Pancho Graham.
  • Norman, Kilipaki and Pancho.
  • Kilipaki Vaughan. His dad was Hawaiian musician and entertainer Palani Vaughan.
  • Dr. Mehana Vaughan shared a hula. She is Paki's wife.
  • Kilipaki Vaughan.
  • Norman Solomon.
  • Kilipaki and Pancho Graham.
  • Ed Punua shared a vocal while Kilipaki played.
  • Alan provides harmony for Ed's vocals.
  • Alan Akaka.
  • Alan interviews Dr. Mehana Vaughan.
  • Alan interviews Kilipaki Vaughan.
  • Keiki steel guitar students Corrie Desierto, Kiʻileiah Jeffries, and Ginger Kamalei with instructor Heuʻi Bandmann.
  • Keiki steel guitarist Ginger Kamalei.
  • Ginger sang and played the steel guitar.
  • Heuʻi Bandmann.
  • Kiʻileiah Jeffries with Ginger Kamalei.
  • Kiʻileiah Jeffries.
  • Corrie Desierto with Kiʻileiah Jeffries.
  • Corrie Desierto.
  • The three keiki steel guitarists were accompanied by Ross Miller.
  • Alan interviews the keiki steel guitarists as Heuʻi Bandmann watches.
  • Alan introduces featured steel guitarist Ed Punua. Ed was accompanied by Alan, Kirby Keogh and Pancho Graham.
  • Steel guitarists Alan Akaka and Ed Punua.
  • Ed Punua.
  • Alan, Ed, and Pancho.
  • Ed shared a collage of photos of the Punua ʻOhana and talked about how his family got started in entertainment. This photo shows the extended Punua ʻOhana.
  • Vanessa Punua was off island and not able to share a hula like she normally would.
  • Ed's mother Kuʻulei Punua started as a hula dancer.
  • Kuʻulei Punua.
  • Kuʻulei Punua with a young Barney Isaacs on the steel guitar.
  • Kuʻulei Punua.
  • Kuʻulei and Victor Punua.
  • Ed's parents Kuʻulei and Victor Punua.
  • Alan gives the closing remarks as the Showcase concludes.

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