Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase

Livestream Kanikapila - February 26, 2022 #1

The Livestream Kanikapila on February 26, 2022 was broadcast live from Hiro's Ohana Grill on Molokai. The first segment featured Molokai Hui musicians Sterling Kalua, Kevin Hallinan, Fred Reyes, Uncle Benny de Luna, Kini Christie, Jeff Ballard, and Molokai steel guitarist Victor Patron. The second segment featured live performances by steel guitarists Kapono Lopes and Mālie Lyman with Alan Akaka, Pomaika‘i Keawe and Helene Woodward.

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  • Emcee Alan Akaka welcoming guests to Hiro's Ohana Grill at the Hotel Molokai.
  • Alan Akaka with restauranteur Raymond Hiro.
  • Alan introduces Molokai steel guitarist Victor Patron.
  • Alan Akaka with Molokai Kanikapila musicians. From left: Kevin Hallinan (ʻukelele), Fred Reyes (bass), Sterling Kalkua (guitar), Kini Christie (ʻukelele), Uncle Benny de Luna (ʻuklele), Jeff Ballard (guitar), and Victor Patron (steel guitar).
  • Hui from Molokai members Kevin Hallinan, Fred Reyes, Sterling Kalua, and Uncle Benny de Luna.
  • Kini Christie shared a song.
  • Steel guitarist Victor Patron.
  • Vocals by Sterling Kalua with Kevin Hallinan, Fred Reyes, and Uncle Benny de Luna.
  • The Molokai Hui.
  • Victor Patron.
  • Uncle Benny de Luna shared a song. Jeff Ballard is also in the picture.
  • Kevin Hallinan shared a song.
  • Fred Reyes was another featured vocalist.
  • Featured vocalist Sterling Kalua.
  • Restaurant guest Rita shared a hula.
  • Rita danced ''Noho Paipai.''
  • Intersegment video by NextGen steel guitarist Tai Misailidis.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Justin Firmeza.
  • NextGen Joey Misailidis and Tai Misailidis.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Ethan Goore.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Joey Misailidis.
  • Pomaikaʻi Keawe kicked off the second segment with musicians Alan Akaka (guitar), Helene Woodward (bass), and Mālie Lyman (one of two steel guitarists).
  • Pomaikaʻi Lyman with Alan Akaka and Helene Woodward.
  • Steel guitarist Kapono Lopes with Alan Akaka, Helene Woodward, and Pomaikaʻi Keawe.
  • Kapono Lopes, Alan Akaka, Helene Woodward, Pomaikaʻi Keawe, and Mālie Lyman.
  • All eyes are on Kapono Lopes on the steel guitar.
  • Mālie Lyman shared a song.
  • Helene Woodward also shared a song.
  • Featured vocalist Kapono with Alan, Helene, Pomaikaʻi, and Mālie.
  • Featured vocalist Mālie Lyman.
  • Mālie Lyman on the steel guitar.
  • ''Beautiful Kahana'' duet on vocals and steel gutar by Kapono and Mālie.
  • Kapono plays a solo.
  • Kapono Lopes.
  • Keawe ʻOhana traditional ''ʻAlika'' finale featuring Pomaikaʻi Keawe.

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Photos from video captures of the livestream presentation unless otherwise noted. All photos ©2022 by HIMELE.

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