Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase

Japan-Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival - July 15, 2022 Part 2

The 1st Annual Japan-Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival was held on Friday, July 15, 2022, with four steel guitarists and steel guitar ensembles from Japan performing. The festival was incorporated into the weeklong Waikīkī Steel Guitar Week. Emcee was Hawai‘i Japanese radio KZOO personality Maggie Jackson who provided announcements in both English and Japanese. The event was livestreamed and featured Masami "Matt" Kobayashi, Noriko and Shuji Tomita, the Lion Ladies Steel Guitar Ensemble, and Kiyoshi "Lion" Kobayashi.

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  • Kapuanani Greene.
  • Hula dancer Kapuanani.
  • Kiyoshi ʻʻLionʻʻ Kobayashi the Lion Ladies Steel Guitar Ensemble: steel guitarists Haruko Ozeki, Masako Wakamatsu, and Sakae Machida.
  • Haruko Ozeki.
  • Sakae Machida.
  • Sakae Machida.
  • Kiyoshi ʻʻLionʻʻ Kobayashi.
  • Masako Wakamatsu.
  • Masako Wakamatsu.
  • Sakae Machida.
  • Haruko Ozeki, Kiyoshi ʻʻLionʻʻ Kobayashi, Masako Wakamatsu, and Sakae Machida.
  • Kapuanani danced hula for the Ensemble.
  • Hula by Kapuanani.
  • Kapuanani.
  • Haruko-chan, Lion Sensei, Masako-chan, and Sakae-chan.
  • Steel guitarist Lion Kobayash performed individually and with the Ladies Ensemble.
  • Kapuanani with Shuji and Norko Tomita.
  • Shuji Tomita, Kapuanani, and Noriko Tomita besides a bronze statue of Princess Bernice Pauiahi Bishop.
  • Lionʻs modified pedal steel guitar showing the added knee levers. https://steeltrappings.com/202207/st20220718.shtml.
  • Australian steel guitarist Paul Agar with Masami ʻʻMattʻʻ Kobayashi and Machiko Kobayashi.
  • Some festival guests.
  • Emcee Maggie Jackson with festival musicians. Front: Matt Kobayashi, Lion Kobayashi, Noriko Tomita, Shuji Tomita. Rear: Masako Wakamatsu, Sakae Machida, Alan Akaka, Kapuanani, Haruko Ozeki.

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