Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase

Kona Steel Guitar Festival Part 2 - March 25, 2023

The Kona Steel Guitar Festival Ho‘olaule‘a was presented in two segments. The first segment began at noon, ran to 3:00 PM, and featured Pomai Brown, Geronimo "Geri" Valdriz, NextGen Makamae Lyu-Napoleon and Isabella Bertelmann, Kapono Lopes, and Alan Akaka. The second segment began at 5:00 PM, ran to 8:00 PM, and featured Greg Sardinha, Dwight Tokumoto, NextGen Enosa Lyman and Pono Fernandez, Al Greene, Jr., and Bobby Ingano.

Daniel Tremblay conducted the hands-on experience and displayed an inexpensive guitar that he converted to function as a steel guitar. This guitar and the process he uses were presented at the Friday workshop, and Kapono Lopes was so impressed with the guitar that he asked to play it during his performance. The guitar, autographed by all participating musicians, was auctioned off with proceeds going to HIMELE to support its activities.

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  • Featured steel guitarist Greg Sardinha.
  • Greg with Helene Woodward, Joseph Zayac, and Kaipo Asing.
  • Featured steel guitarist Dwight Tokumoto from Hilo.
  • Helene, Joseph, Dwight, and Kaipo.
  • Alan offers a few words about the converted guitar-steel guitar that is up for auction with proceeds to HIMELE.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Enosa Lyman.
  • Enosa with Helene, Joseph, Kapono, and Alan.
  • Enosa Lyman.
  • The steel guitar and the ornamentation were given to Enosa by Bobby Ingano.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Pono Fernandez.
  • Helene, Kaipo, Pono, Kapono, and Alan.
  • Pono Fernandez.
  • Pono Fernandez.
  • Featured steel guitarist Al Greene, Jr.
  • Al was accompanied by Emma Coloma on bass, LT Smooth on guitar, and Kapono Lopes on 'ukulele.
  • Emma Coloma and LT Smooth.
  • LT Smooth.
  • Featured steel guitarist Bobby Ingano.
  • Bobby with Helene, Joseph, and Kaipo.
  • Bobby Ingano.
  • Kimo winding down the festival.
  • Kimo is joined by Alan for 'Hawai╩╗i Aloha.'
  • Alan makes a final pitch for the converted guitar auction that was signed by all festival musicians.
  • The final bid was $400.
  • Alan shares a closing hula, '╩╗Ulupalakua' with Joseph, Bobby, and Kaipo.
  • Alan is joined by Kimo.
  • Alan and Kimo doing the hula.
  • Alan pauses while Kimo dances on...
  • ...and they are both joined by Enosa Lyman.
  • Kimo, Enosa, and Alan.

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