Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase

Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival at Kukui Grove Center Part 2 - May 7, 2023

The Kukui Grove Center festival featured steel guitarists Geronimo "Geri" Valdriz, Greg Sardinha, NextGen steel guitarists Makamae Lyu-Napoleon, Isabella Bertlemann, Enosa Lyman, Tai Misailidis and Joey Misailidis, steel guitarists Sebastian Mūller, Mālie Lyman, Bobby Ingano with guest artist Heu‘i Bandmann, and Alan Akaka.

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  • NextGen steel guitarist Enosa Lyman.
  • Enosa with Kaipo, Joseph, and Helene.
  • Enosa Lyman.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Tai Misailidis.
  • Tai with Bobby Ingano, Kaipo Asing, Alan Akaka, and Helene Woodward.
  • Tai and Alan.
  • NextGen steel guitarist Joey Misailidis with Kaipo Asing and Alan Akaka.
  • Joey with Kaipo and Alan.
  • Bobby Ingano, Kaipo Asding, Joey Misailidis, Alan Akaka, and Helene Woodward.
  • Sebastian Mueller with Kaipo Asing and Joseph Zayac.
  • Featured steel guitarist Sebastian Mueller.
  • Sebastian and Joseph.
  • Bobby Ingano.
  • Sebastuan Mueller.
  • Featured steel guitarist Mālie Lyman.
  • Mālie Lyman with Joseph Zayac.
  • Mālie and Joseph.
  • Bobby Ingano, Alan Akaka, Mālie Lyman, Joseph Zayac, and Helene Woodward.
  • Featured steel guitarist Bobby Ingano with Kaipo, Joseph, and Helene.
  • Guest steel guitarist Heuʻi Bandmann.
  • Heuʻi, Kaipo, Bobby, Joseph, and Helene.
  • Kaipo Asing.
  • Helene Woodward.
  • Alan Akaka.
  • Helene also sang.

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