Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase
Mandy Gokan

Mandy Gokan

The moment Mandy walked in her ‘ukulele class at Kapa‘a Middle School and saw the cool looking string music instruments and listened to the NextGen performers for the first time, she knew she wanted to learn the steel guitar!

She went to the Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival that weekend, her mom made a few calls, and Mandy started her first steel guitar lesson on April 21, 2020. She looks forward to her weekly lessons with Kumu Akaka and often ho‘okani her 1970 Rickenbacker, given to her by Mr. Chuck Moore, filling her family home with melodious tunes and songs.

One day she hopes to be able to play as many songs as she knows for family and friends and maybe play with a well-known musician.

When not playing the steel guitar, Mandy is in her yard or on the volleyball court practicing her vball skills by herself or with her team. She also likes to jam on the ‘ukulele and once in a while picks up drum sticks to play her sister's drum set or her bachi stcks to pound her taiko drum.

She thinks of herself as an up and coming gamer, hoping to beat everyone in the ‘ohana. Other pastimes include training and playing with her many pets, while trying to tame Kaua‘i's famous wild chickens and enjoys going fishing on the boat or look for wildlife up mauka.

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